T&T proves its experience and distinction through both modern and aesthetic and original and practical accessories designed by its specialised R&D team. Quality and easy-to-install T&T accessories compatible with any and all profiles create solutions suitable for all requirements.

Having focused on the satisfaction of the requirements and needs of its customers for 22 years, T&T offers smart and innovative accessory solutions which achieve a high quality standard for windows and doors as a result of its continuous and careful efforts.

All the products manufactured by T&T, which has placed durability, safety and after-sales technical assistance among its indispensible principles, are easy-to-install, versatile and functional. T&T’s supplementary accessory alternatives for all window and door systems have successfully passed all the quality tests performed to the European Union and other international standards.

Outstanding Products:

  • Adjustable Door Hinges (2D& 3D hinge types)
  • Sliding Rollers (Zamak and sheet metal body types developed for sliding doors and windows)
  • Sliding Window Handle (Handle with an aesthetic outlook, which is used in sliding doors and windows)
  • Door Press Button (Used in balcony/fly net systems, 9-axis and 13-axis types)
  • C Handle (Used in sliding window, sliding fly screen and shutter systems)
  • Side Lock For Sliding Windows (A design providing an interior locking in sliding door and window systems)
  • Striker Bolt (Used to fix one sash in the systems opening on both sashes)

T&T keeps making our life easier through its rational products which it offers, placing particular importance on the concepts of functionality, aesthetics and quality which have gained significance at present.