T&T keeps making your life much easier with its systems which provide energy saving through a high heat and sound insulation; space saving through an ergonomic design and additional safety through strong sealing pressure.

T&T Folding Sliding Door Mechanisms which have been designed with the most precise and advanced engineering techniques by our experienced R&D team are manufactured considering the needs of the end user. Thanks to maximum ease of passage, they provide the most productive use of space.

T&T Folding Sliding Door Mechanisms which are the most elegant way of connecting your living spaces to balconies, terraces and winter gardens create wide spaces, thus bringing the nature to your doorstep. Making your indoor spaces spacious due to its practical use and enhancing your comfort, this system adds an excellent sound and hat insulation to your life as well.

T&T Folding Sliding Door Mechanisms provide the possibility of using in sliding doors and windows with 3 to 6 sashes. Thanks to PVC reels with bearings that have high precision, they provide smooth and gentle sash movements. Minimum threshold height brings the experience of easy use to your doorstep. The system which has no fixed sashes and rails is compatible with any and all profiles thanks to different colour options.