Having been developed to be compatible with any types of PVC profiles T&T ,Tilt and Turn Systems attract attention not only for their original and aesthetic designs but for their excellent sealing pressure as well.

All the systems which may be required in window manufacturing are completely applied through the wide range of T&T products.

Other specifications of the T&T tilt and turn systems which provide the manufacturers with cost effectiveness thanks to their assembling convenience:

  • Intervals of use of 480 mm – 2400 mm vertically and 290 mm – 1600 mm horizontally
  • Enhanced safety option for the users thanks to security pin and strikers
  • System components with a high corrosion resistance and surface quality thanks to the silver alkali zinc coating process
  • Varieties of components suitable for sash weights of 100 kg and 130 kg
  • Vertical, horizontal and double sash application types.

Offering practical solutions through its designing in everyday life, T&T, Tilt and Turn Systems keep gaining the satisfaction of both the manufacturers and users.

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