Having been continuously following up the technological developments since the first date of its incorporation, T&T’s corporate goal is to be able to introduce products suitable for requirements and needs for enhanced customer satisfaction.

The R&D department established for this purpose has undertaken the processes of planning, implementing, controlling, verifying and validating all the stages from the designing and development of the product to the introduction thereof to the market/customers.

In any designing and development activities, closely followed-up customer requirements, sectoral developments, user requirements and technological developments are first evaluated. Accordingly, all requirements are identified in order to improve an existing product and create some distinction in its design and new additions made to the product range thanks to R&D activities.

This product development process of T&T is called the “Total Designing Activity”. “Total Designing” is the integrity of systematic activities followed up so that products compatible with requirements as identified by the sector and users may be successfully launched to the market. “Total Designing Activity” is comprised of the stages of product, process, people and organization.

These activities which underlie the good implementation of all the functions of our business allow us to have a clear look into the future and make future-bound plans in a better manner. The experienced R&D team that further enhances T&T’s strength in the harsh competitive conditions in the market increases its success through select projects which it develops and designs every passing year.