T&T first entered the window and door accessories industry with hinge production in 1987.  Having been an international brand with its quality products in the industry, T&T has added new products to its product portfolio year by year, thus reaching its present large product range.
T&T has evaluated the profit of its successful works in the industry by making investments from the very first day onwards and is operating at its factory building of 15.000 sqm in Kemalpasa, Izmir today. Thus it has provided all the opportunities as required for the large production capacity of its product portfolio which is growing day by day.

Consolidating its foothold in the industry day by day, T&T has adopted the quality production and unlimited customer satisfaction as the principles which are regarded most at all times. The quality of the T&T-branded products produced to the ISO-9001:2000 quality Standard in accordance with such principles has been tested and approved by the IFT ROSENHEIM Institute. It now exports 40% of its production to 32 different countries.

Manufacturing its products in quality, fast and innovative production principles, T&T’s present production capacity is as follows:

·  Tilt and Turn Systems: 2.000.000 Sets / Year

·  Window Handles: 8.000.000 Pcs/Year

·  Door Handles: 3.000.000 Pcs/Year

·  Door Espagnolettes: 1.000.000 Pcs/Year

·  Turn and Sliding Espagnolettes: 8.000.000 Pcs/Year

·  Folding Sliding Door Systems: 200.000 Sets/Year

·  Parallel Sliding Systems: 200.000 Sets/Year

T&T may also produce specially designed products in order to be able to satisfy the specific requirements of its customers with any moulds manufactured in the moulding workshop which it owns.

Never making any concessions of its principles, T&T shall keep growing through the investments which it makes with its equities, satisfying the increased demand in the PVC door and window industry and further consolidating its foothold among the reliable brands with every passing day.