One of the things which first attract attention in living spaces with a high aesthetic level is window and door handles. They must be both decorative and functional.

T&T Window and Door Handles complete the value and elegance of all the living spaces where they are used. All the products with easy use and select-looking of T&T which are designed to fit any and all PVC profiles have a long useful life due to their high surface quality.

DECORATIVE AND ERGONOMIC: T&T Window and Door Handles add elegance and aesthetic to windows and doors with different models and varieties which may appeal any taste. Ergonomic designs of industrial engineering placing importance on details provide an experience of easy and comfortable use.

HIGH SURFACE QUALITY: High quality polyester powder coating and plastic components used in T&T Window and Door Handles endure ultraviolet sunlight for many years and prevents discoloration. High surface quality also provides the same result in different colour options.

LONG LIFE: Thanks to special polyacetal gears and gear assemblies, window and door handles are protected against corrosion for many years.